INUNISSION Group Co., Ltd.
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INUNISSION Group Co., Ltd, with registered offices in Thailand & Cambodia is a specialist Hotel, Resort & Residential Complex Development Consultancy with a focus on property lease and management rights acquisitions.

With the recent surge of investment growth now strongly concentrated into the Indochina, Southeast Asia tourism and accommodation sector, INUNISSION Group is uniquely positioned and experienced to take advantage of the expansion of interest and bring to bear it wealth of international expertise to develop attractive and viable business development models for partners, investors and joint venture business associates.

Our Services

  • Property Management
  • Hospitality Consultancy
  • Financial Packaging
  • Hotel & Resort Development
  • Marketing & Distribution
  • Operational Management
  • Conception Design
  • Management Contract Compliance


While INUNISSION Group’s primary revenue streams come from the acquisition of property leases or management agreements and operational management of these business models, our growth is also entrenched in our ability to offer specialist assistance to start-up, ailing or languishing existing establishments.

With expertise in standards development, concept alignment and strategic positioning, setting operational efficiencies, financial packaging and marketing and distribution tactics, we bring to the marketplace skills that can only have been developed through, firsthand, up to date, real time and relevant experience of our partners and associates.

Our team draw on decades of senior management experience with internationally recognised management companies across Australasia and the Asia pacific region, with expertise from Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand & Cambodia and future plans include the forays into the potential of Myanmar, Laos and China.